It's tough being a child in today's world. Often unable to express what they are feeling, I hear often from parents, family and teachers of how a child is struggling at home and at school, and their distress is showing in their behaviour. They may be having trouble following rules, may be withdrawn and quiet, or aggressive and fighting with friends and adults. I offer individual counselling and play therapy for children to help with addressing these issues, in a sensitive and developmentally appropriate way. 


Parent:Child Relationship Therapy, otherwise known as Filial Therapy, is a form of play therapy where parents are trained in therapeutic skills to provide special play time sessions with their children. In this way the parent becomes the "therapist", and becomes skilled at working with their children to understand their feelings and emotions, to respond and communicate effectively, to set appropriate limits, and to strengthen their parent:child bond.


Parenting is one of life's greatest challenges, and can be the most rewarding, especially with the right skills and support.

I work with biological parents, step-parents and partners, carers, grandparents:

- to better understand their child's experience

- to respond 'therapeutically' - with understanding and acceptance

- to understand how their child interprets the world, trauma and how this impacts their behaviour

- to set effective limits and boundaries for behaviour


Sometimes communication breaks down in a family. It can be challenging juggling the needs of each family member, and managing conflict together.

Counselling can help to improve communication, learn new ways of problem solving and resolving conflict, and increase harmony for a family. 


Consultation sessions for families/carers, support services, schools, kindergartens, childcare centres etc can be provided, to assist those working with a child to think through issues and develop plans for support. 


Please note:

Payment is required on the day of service unless otherwise negotiated and a tax invoice will be given to you on receipt of payment. Please understand that due to the demand for session times, 24 hours notice is required if a consultation or therapy session is cancelled, and the full fee may be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.

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